Buy These 2 Cryptocurrencies Set to Soar

1 second ago

Where Bitcoin goes, other digital currencies follow. So Bitcoin’s recent gains are great news for altcoins. In another positive development in the Bitcoin saga, the cryptocurrency was up another 30% last weekend. Too often in this currency’s life, clues to whether the value will move upwards or downwards has been left  almost totally speculative gossip. […]

2 Crypto Stocks to Buy if You’re Worried About Market Volatility

1 second ago

Interested in the Crypto market but put off by the volatility? Here are two big stocks for you to consider. Bitcoin (BTC-USD) is a great buy. If you’re prepared to foot all the volatility that comes with it that is. Sure, it’s cheaper today, and it still strikes us as a good investment overall, but […]

3 Reasons Why Investors Should Avoid Dogecoin

1 second ago

Dogecoin’s rise to fame deserves closer analysis Cryptocurrencies have their shortfalls, and few show those shortfalls as vividly as the now famous Dogecoin (DOGE-USD). Here’s why we wouldn’t invest in DOGE. We’ve written about Dogecoin before and more often than not, it was to enjoy the extent to which this was a fun asset to […]

Dogecoin Accounts for 34% of Robinhood’s Q1 Crypto Trading Revenue

1 second ago

The company has reported over $30 million of its revenue has come from Dogecoin transactions in the latest quarterly earnings reports. Robinhood has reported that over $30 million of revenue in Q1 came from Dogecoin (DOGE-USD) transactions alone, accounting for over a third of Robinhood’s first quarter revenue. Although Robinhood has revealed plans for an […]

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