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Stock Guru Opens up Trading Secrets to the public… Shocking video shows all…

You might have heard recently about the huge buzz surrounding a grossly overlooked segment of the stock market until just recently… This segment of the market was looked at as a part of the market that real investors would not dare tread towards… However, due to regulations and certain loopholes, smart investors are cashing in big and making millions of dollars using stock market loopholes…

The segment of the market that is  now starting to gain massive media attention from investors the world over is the penny stock market. Until recently if you said penny stocks to us at we would have laughed you out the door… However, as of recently the biggest gainers in the market come from these sleepers in the penny stock world.

Penny stocks refer to the common stock of smaller public companies that trades for less than a dollar per share.  Like other shares of stock, they are regulated by the SEC and other authorities, but instead of trading on the major markets like the NYSE, they trade on “over-the-counter” markets.

Today, penny stocks are offering smaller investors a great opportunity to earn significant up-side on their investments. The benefits occur for two reasons:

1. It doesn’t take a lot of money to invest in penny stocks.
For the price of just one share in large companies such as Apple or Google, you could buy thousands of shares in a penny stock company.

2. Penny stocks have the potential for huge returns.
Because the price per share is so low, they can experience huge price increases – sometimes even doubling or tripling in just one day.  Price jumps like this do not often occur with larger companies, but are much more common with penny stocks.

We have been tracking several penny stock newsletters, and though most of them have consistently been outperforming the major indexes, one stands above the crowd. I am referring to Paul Kincaid and the team over at Their straight forward – no nonsense approach to trading stocks and their track record gives them the stamp of approval.

Watch as Paul Kincaid makes over $6,000.00 on a single trade live on video.


Check out the link below to learn more about the team over at We have arranged a special refund policy for readers of, so for 60 days it is 100% risk free.
















Disclaimer: Trading stocks involves risk. Please speak with your financial advisor before making any investment. Only invest what you can afford to lose.