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Warren Buffet made $1000′s with Penny Stocks… Can you?

It seems the new buzz word on wall street is “Penny Stock”.

But did you know that Warren Buffett. One of the world’s richest men, got his start trading Penny Stocks?

Regulators of financial services such as the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) legislate and oversee the trading of all types of shares including Penny Stocks which are traded “Over the Counter”.

What is a Penny Stock?

A Penny Stock can be defined as the publicly traded portion of the common stock of a small company whereby trading takes place “over-the-counter”, and the best part is that each share is individually valued at less than a single dollar, making them more accessible to the average hard working American. Today, Penny Stocks give smaller investors a fantastic chance to gain a significant return on their investments without requiring a substantial amount of money in order to make that initial investment.

For the value of a single share in a massive multi-national corporation like Apple, you can purchase hundreds or even thousands of Penny Stock shares in a small growing business. These shares can easily rise exponentially over an extremely short space of time. This type of rapid growth does not happen with large companies so the rewards can be huge and oftentimes instantaneous. Of course, there is always a risk with buying and selling shares in any company that is traded publicly but with such low costs per share, you can afford to lose a little if the price drops in order to gain a lot at the right time.

But, with thousands of different Penny Stocks to choose from, how should you go about finding the right ones to invest in? You could go about it on your own, or you could enlist with a trusted newsletter with a proven history of winning gains, one such service is is a world renowned Penny Stock Newsletter that is exclusively devoted to tracking and alerting Penny Stocks that are poised for massive growth in the near term. The Team at tracks the market for these high potential gainers and then alerts their subscribers with the latest picks delivered straight to their inbox.

Just like shares in large companies, the movement of Penny Stocks can be tracked online and bought or sold when the price is right for you. You can do this yourself online using any standard online stock broker.

The Team’s track record is pretty amazing. Their last pick in 2013 skyrocketed from a low of $0.24 to a high of $1.81 in less than 6 months. That’s an increase of over 650%. This means that had you just invested $100.00 at $0.24 and sold at $1.81, you would have had over $600.00 in just 6 months! These kinds of gains are unheard of on the big board stocks.

Follow these two steps to get started immediately:

As you’re probably aware, any stock has a certain degree of risk that comes along with it. That’s why we’ve outlined the two most important steps below.

Step 1. Enter Your Email for Free Penny Stock Reports From is our #1 pick. Out of all the sites we tested this had by far the strongest track record. With a long history of making thousands of dollars for it’s newsletter subscribers. Best of all membership is currently 100% free: Click Here to Join

Step 2. Add Current Pick ( WPWR ) to Your Watchlist

The hottest penny stock right now is Well Power Inc. ( WPWR ).

This is’s current stock pick and true to form it is soaring. Subscribers to are making thousands every day as this stock keeps rising higher and higher.

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